A Weekend Getaway in Kentucky: An Enchanting Experience

Snug Hollow Girlfriends Getaway

I visited Snug Hollow by myself in late winter of last year and found it to be the most expansive experience. If you haven’t read that blog post–check it out here! Immediately I felt like it was somewhere I wanted the women in my family to experience. I had always dreamed of a small trip with my sister, my mother and my grandmother. With my sister living in Miami and my grandmothers health conditions, time just seemed to keep slipping past us. I came home and convinced my family to book our trip for May. I couldn’t wait to share my hidden gem of a weekend getaway in Kentucky with such special women in my life. Women, who, despite their bonds don’t get a chance to be together often.

This visit was extra special because my grandmother is getting to where she isn’t super comfortable with traveling. It took a lot of encouragement but when she agreed to join I jumped up and down. My younger sister even agreed to fly in from Miami for this special occasion. I counted down the days and when it finally came I could feel my heart flutter navigating the winding roads with the familiar, rolling foothills as the backdrop. That sometimes forgotten part of Kentucky is truly my heaven on earth.

Barbara and her team are such gracious hosts. Upon first arriving, we could smell fresh baked bread and soft chatter coming from the main house. This time, we got to stay in the “Cabin by the Creek.” It is located in the back of the property and is nestled under a canopy of trees with a running creek in the front viewable form the front wrap around porch. It is very private and we spent most of our time during our getaway inside the cabin or on the front porch.

The cabin is set up as an open concept, leaving us with the feeling of the ultimate adult sleepover. Inside, we loved chatting and reminiscing as we fell asleep to the sounds of crickets and waking up with the sun and birdsong outside the windows.

Keep scrolling for more words plus some photos I took during our beautiful weekend getaway in Kentucky. All photos were taken on Portra 400 35mm film.

For breakfast, we joined Barbara and crew in the main house on the front porch. She was so accommodating and even came to give my grandmother a ride to the main house from our cabin on the golf cart in the mornings. In the evenings we ordered the homestyle dinners to be delivered to our cabin fresh and ready to serve. Dinners around the table by candlelight and fresh flowers were our most beloved times together in the cabin. Love feels like homemade bread, especially in a place as magical and serene as Snug Hollow.

At night, my sister and mom and I would take turns walking the fields in awe of the fireflies and stars. Barb had recommended May for the wild flowers, and my goodness was she right. Wildflowers adorned the property and birds danced in the fields in the evenings.

We spent many hours sitting on the porch, in the swing and the rocking chairs overlooking the creek. We loved reading Barbara’s own published cookbook–picking out our favorite meals to try and recreate when we were back at home.

Snug Hollow was, perfectly, chosen by National Geographic as one of “50 Best Girlfriend Getaways of North America.” However, I’d also suggest that it be one of the best solo retreat, family OR couples getaway. Just, trust me. However you can manage will be perfect. Just, get out there already.

I will never forget the time we spent together at Snug Hollow. It was an experience that involved all of our senses–the smells, tastes, sights and sounds linger fondly when I think of our time together. I can’t thank Barbara and her vision enough. She has truly created the most magical weekend getaway in Kentucky.

cabin by the creek at snug hollow

And hey, if you’re thinking of visiting and want your own photos captured on timeless analog film with that extra special nostalgic quality–I’m your girl! You can find all of the details on my website or by clicking here. I made my grandmother a photo book from our time together and she treasures it like I knew she would. Hopefully, the photos do Snug Hollow justice for you all.

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