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The love-letter Experience

Those gummy smiles will turn into full-teeth grins one of these days, Mama. They change so fast. This time you are in--right now? You are going to miss when it changes--and it will.  

But what if there was a way to bottle it all up and have it come rushing back to all of your senses when it's over? 

Let’s let this love—this one right this minute—live forever. Invite me into your home with your hearts full of love and I will help you do just that. 

Time stands still for no one.
But then again, what if it could? 


If you would like to make beautiful art and preserve these fleeting days with your family--send me a message! I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP and chat more about your hopes for your own love letter.

1. Say Hello

After we chat and become friends + collaborators for your love letter, we will find the perfect tentative date and get your session in both of our calendars to look forward to! 

2. Schedule it

Planning your perfect session will be fun and exciting, I promise! We will go over details, talk about how special your family is, how to prepare your home for photos (trust me--it's easy!) or decide on the perfect outdoor location, and even chat about how to make wardrobe planning simple and not-at-all-stressful. ;) 

3. Planning it

We will meet at your session in real life and chat like we have always been friends while I look for the perfect lighting and areas to make the most magical photos in. I will guide you the entire way and combine the perfect mix of picture-perfect poses with time to let the poses fall apart beautifully--this is where your real love and genuine connections with your family will shine. There will be plenty of time to take a break for a snack, to cool off in front of the a/c, or take a deep breath because our time will not be limited to a certain hour. When we part ways you can be sure that there will be plenty of beautiful photos for you to choose from.

4. Your Session

After your session I will mail out your rolls of film and wait anxiously for the lab to send me your beautiful scans back to make perfect for you! In just two weeks, you're gallery will be sent to you in the form of a nostalgic slideshow where you will be able to choose from three collections to purchase depending on how many digital photos and how much print credit you would like to get those photos off of your screen + up on your walls ASAP! 

5. Your Photographs

You will end up a few weeks after your session holding photographs in your hands that serve as tangible evidence of how much your family is loved and cherished. You'll probably want to hang your favorite in your home and the rest you will keep close, add your own musings and love-notes, and eventually pass down to your children to keep forever. 

6. your love-letters

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The Process

an heirloom to pass down

your tangible love-letter

I want you to have this. I want your children to have this.

I know you're busy, mama. That's why I'm giving you your time back and doing the work for you. You're love-letter experience will end with a beautiful, heirloom quality 20 page linen-bound flat-lay photo book designed by me so that all of the pressure is off of you. You will, however, cherish this book more than you even realize--trust me, I know. And there will be plenty of room for you to write your own love-notes and musings and eventually, you will pass this book down to your children so that they will be able to relive some of their most precious moments with you and feel exactly how much they were loved and admired by you through it all. 

To see your beautiful mothering reflected back to you? To gift this to your child? I can promise you that this experience is nearly priceless. Just see for yourself, friend. Let me show you. 

a total experience,
ending with a beautiful heirloom in your hands

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heirloom artwork • priceless

collections  from $600

Heirloom-quality photos are an investment, sure, but the memories preserved and the love that is held in your photos will be priceless. 

Imagine for a moment your children, as one-day adults, holding tangible evidence of the love you share with them--oh, and how artful and beautiful do you look sharing it, my friend. I assure you, it's true. Let me show you just how true this is. 

The Investment Details

Why Film?

Mostly, because it's timeless. Film photography has been around much longer than digital photography. The aesthetics of film will never go out of style or become irrelevant--they remain heirlooms that will evoke beautiful nostalgia when they are held by your grandchildren 100 years from now. For years I tried to emulate the colors and rendering of film photography with digital because I was overwhelmed by the investment of film and film processing, and for years I was disappointed with the outcome. Moreover, the dynamic range of film is much higher than digital, meaning there is greater variation between lights and darks. I photograph to capture the magic of childhood and what it teaches me as a mother and quite simply, film is the only medium that lends resemblance to that magic. 

I had the absolute honor of having a motherhood session with Tricia and it produced some of the most breathtakingly beautiful photos I have ever seen of my son and I - an absolute treasure. I knew right away I could trust her vision and she totally delivered. Our session was so laid back and comfortable, she truly is an artist with a talented eye for catching the beautiful moments in life.

Motherhood Session


Tricia has come to our home to photograph us for our small business and also to capture our newborn son on film. Her in-home sessions are the perfect way to stay comfortable and take the pressure out of having photos taken with a small child!

She took the time to find the perfect setting & lighting and gave us some really special photos of these fleeting moments as a new family.

Tricia is a truly gifted artist and we wholeheartedly recommend her and look forward to working with her again as our son grows up!

Newborn session


Tricia is truly the best. Her work can speak for itself as she truly has a gift for photography but her genuine kindness and sweet personality make her one of a kind. She captured a motherhood session for me and made it so absolutely special. I’ll cherish her art forever. If I could give her 100 stars, I would.

Motherhood Session


Working with Tricia was amazing! She was extremely easy when scheduling and flexible when we had to reschedule. She did great with my kids and her photos and editing are truly incredible. I can’t wait to schedule another session with her.

motherhood Session


Tricia is a truly amazing photographer. She is able to create a calm and supportive atmosphere to capture the sweetest moments. The photos she took of our family will be forever cherished. Her talent and artistry are unmatched.

family session


We loved working with Tricia for our family pictures! Being a family of 7, it’s no easy task to get the perfect shot and she got several.
We were so happy with all of the special moments that Tricia captured!

Family Session



A love like yours deserves to be witnessed

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