the motherhood sessions

Mama, I know how it feels. I have made friends both the joy, the grief, and the overwhelm that motherhood leaves us with. I know that many times, we have no idea what we are doing, but none the less we press on--we do the best we can. 

For a long time, shame was at the epicenter of my mothering. That I wasn't enough, should have done more, been more present. But what brought me peace is looking back at my writings--they brought me back to life. I realized that although most of those days I had no clue who I was aside from a mother, that I loved my son fiercely. It has always been an overwhelming, profound love. And I could never fault myself for that. 

It can feel like there are a lot of voices, of opinions, critiquing our mothering on many occasions. But the things I want those voices to say are "you are trying so hard; you are loving so deeply". And so that is the message I want to leave you with from this experience. I want you to feel SEEN in your mothering: full of love. And that's what I want for our children. That no matter what, they know how hard we tried and how fiercely we loved. 

Imagine for a moment your children, as one-day adults, holding tangible evidence of the love you share with them--oh, and how artful and beautiful do you look sharing it, my friend. I assure you, it's true. Let me show you just how true this is. 

a visual love letter to your children,
one that they can see + feel

this is not just a photo session, 
this will be an experience

the details

what's included

heartfelt pep-talks to your email to prepare you for our time together
individual 30 minute photo session
a unique approach that honors your love
photos taken on timeless, 35mm and medium format film
a beautiful slideshow of your photos in a private online gallery
8 digital photograph downloads with option to upgrade 

PLUS (and i am SO excited to offer you this)--
your tangible love letter: a complimentary premium 8x8 linen flat-lay photo book of the highlights of your gallery, designed by me and with plenty of room to add in your own personal writings to your loved ones (a $275 value...i know, it's crazy!) 

The investment

$500 + tax
($200 due at booking and $300 day of session)

a little note:

I have started this unique offering because for mothers because I am so passionate about getting tangible love letters into your hands so that you can see how beautiful your mothering is (and so that eventually, you can gift these love letters to your children who will hold them so dear).

I have done my best to offer this to you at a price that I feel confident in and that is accessible, and I truly believe the value you could gain from this experience is priceless. However, I am more than happy to create a custom payment plan to fit your budget if needed. Please reach out for details! 

Talk soon!

Why Film?

Mostly, because it's timeless. Film photography has been around much longer than digital photography. The aesthetics of film will never go out of style or become irrelevant--they remain heirlooms that will evoke beautiful nostalgia when they are held by your grandchildren 100 years from now. For years I tried to emulate the colors and rendering of film photography with digital because I was overwhelmed by the investment of film and film processing, and for years I was disappointed with the outcome. Moreover, the dynamic range of film is much higher than digital, meaning there is greater variation between lights and darks. I photograph to capture the magic of childhood and what it teaches me as a mother and quite simply, film is the only medium that lends resemblance to that magic. 

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