3 Pediatricians in Paducah KY Providing Top-Notch Care to Kids!

Details of a newborn baby's feet Pediatricians in Paducah KY

Finding a good pediatric practice can make a world of a difference for families. From convenient locations to a variety of services to expert pediatricians with extensive experience, these three Pediatricians in Paducah, KY provide families with a wide array of services to help their kids feel their best throughout their whole childhood. 

Keep Your Little Ones Healthy And Cared For With These Pediatricians in Paducah, KY

A mother sits on a couch under a window looking down at the newborn baby in her arms Pediatricians in Paducah KY

Bluegrass Pediatrics

242 Berger Road

Paducah, KY 42003

Bluegrass Pediatrics in Paducah is dedicated to providing the best medical care in a thoughtful and compassionate way in a friendly and considerate atmosphere. The staff train to assist patients in all aspects of care, sensitive to each family’s unique needs. Above all, kind, courteous care is guaranteed for all patients in this pediatric practice that feels like family. 

Services include prenatal visits, newborn care, well-child visits, vision and hearing screenings, asthma management, sick child treatment, diabetes management, treatment for cuts and rashes, x-ray services, treatment of injuries, sports physicals, immunizations, and specialized care for childhood illnesses, learning disorders, special needs, and injuries.

Details of a newborn baby head Pediatricians in Paducah KY

Mercy Health

548 Lone Oak Road

Paducah, KY 42003

Mercy Health understands that every family is unique. Finding a unique network of providers who love and support their kids through all stages of life is of utmost importance. Mercy Health has nearly 35,000 employees across Ohio and Kentucky and guarantees high-quality, compassionate care so that patients can experience wellness in their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Pediatricians at Mercy Health in Paducah are known for listening to their patient’s concerns, conducting comprehensive patient exams, giving thorough explanations for their care options, providing follow-up care, answering questions regarding immunizations, and supporting families with ease and confidence.

Details of a mother holding her newborn baby Pediatricians in Paducah KY

Baptist Health

2605 Kentucky Ave

Paducah, KY 42003

Baptist Health provides comprehensive healthcare services to kids and their families in several convenient locations throughout Kentucky. Physicians provide fully coordinated care with the goal of guaranteeing patient-focused, convenient, high-quality care to all patients. 

Pediatricians at Baptist Health provide care for infants, children, and adolescents up to age 18 through preventative healthcare services as well as medical care for acute or chronic illnesses. Pediatricians can diagnose and treat a variety of problems like infections, injuries, illnesses, and developmental delays. Additionally, some Baptist Health hospitals include pediatric units for kids who need more specialized care for illness, injury, and surgery. 

Pediatricians in Paducah KY

Families want the best medical care for their kids, which is why it is important to research pediatric practices before choosing a doctor. Above all, these three Pediatricians in Paducah, KY provide families with top-notch care through a variety of services in compassionate, family-focused, comfortable settings where kids can feel at ease. 

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